Top 30 Urgent Prayer For Healing For A Family Member Or Friend

Urgent Prayer for Healing: There’s nothing more comforting in times of trouble than the word of God. And even though it’s easy for us to lose faith when we’re in pain, the word of God has the capacity to bring us comfort in a time of sadness or distress.

Whatever be the reason for your distress or malady, I just want you to know that the Lord is still in the business of doing good and healing people; all you have to do is believe in Him and pray. Just like Jesus said in the Holy Book, “With prayers, you can move mountains”.

Urgent Prayer For Healing
Urgent Prayer For Healing.

So, in case you find yourself in any hardship with either your physical or mental health, then below are urgent prayers for a quick healing from illness.

Top 30 Urgent Prayer For Healing

  • Dear loving father, today I pray that you grant us your comfort even in this time of suffering, and also lend us your healing hands to cure us of all infirmities.
  • Lord Jesus Christ, you’ve always been my help in times of need. I pray thee to continue to be my strength in my time of pains and weakness; preserve me by your grace and hold in the hollow of your hands.
  • Oh Lord, look upon me with your eyes of mercy, and let your healing hand rest upon me. Let your life-giving power flow within me down to every single cell in my body and grant me strength for the service of your kingdom, IJN. Amen.
  • Merciful Jesus, you made me to understand that by your stripes, I’m healed. May your healing be made manifest in my life and may it remain permanent in my life.
  • Oh, most holy one, please heal this broken heart of mine. Fill it with your joy and peace which passeth all understanding. Constantly walk beside me through my journey to recovery and healing.
  • Jehova we thank you for always being with us even in the times of our adversities. Once again, in the comfort of your love Lord, I lay all my anxieties, worries, sickness, and frustrations before you, my prince.
  • Jesus, the son of God; I believe in you and also believe that healing is a reachable experience that can be experienced right now. Thank you for activating your healing procedure in my life.
  • Father, we trust in you with all our hearts and we completely trust that you can heal us with your miraculous hands just in a heartbeat. Today, we pray for your miraculous healing from every life-long disease, depression, and heartache and we know that you are more than able to fix all our physicalities. Thank you for answers to our request through Christ our Lord, Amen.
  • Dear father, I humbly come before your throne asking for your healing powers to be made manifest in my life. I offer you the whole of my heart in faith and pray that You make every area of my life that needs your healing hand whole IJN, Amen.
  • Father, I ask that You give me the strength to be able to rest even in the middle of the storm, and give me wholeness from every illness so I can enjoy all the feast You have prepared for me. These I pray Thee, Amen.

Urgent Prayer For Healing For A Friend

  • Father, you know me very well, even more than my mother knows me. You even know the exact number of the hairs upon my head, as well as my thoughts even before I speak them. Oh Thou Mighty King, You are Jehova Rapha – The God who heals. I pray you come with Your healing power into the life of my brother ___
  • Oil on my head, speak to my feet; I’ll always be early for a miracle, and late for tragedy. IJN, Amen.
  • My God and Lord, please come down with your power, and carry (Your Friends Name) on your Healing wings. And if it pleases you that it happens this moment; then glory to Your name. But if You wish to do it later, then let Your grace be sufficient for him/her.
  • Dear God, I’m calling upon you on behalf of my friend (Friend’s Name) who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. Please, let Your healing power be made manifest in his/her life, this very moment, IJN. Amen.
  • Precious Father, look down on Your people and You’ll see that many of us here need your healing. Some from pains of affliction, hurts, and physical pains; please Lord, reach out your hands to us and set us free from every of our afflictions. In Jesus precious name. Amen!
  • I strongly believe that there’s no sickness or illness that You can not heal. You even have the power to raise the dead because all power in heaven and on earth has been given to You. Therefore, Lord Jesus, I pray that you stretch forth Your healing hands in the life of my friend and let his healing be sure today, IJN. Amen.

Urgent Prayer For Healing For A Family Member

  • At the centre of it all, it’s You that I see. Even in the midst of this sickness, I know that You’re here with me. And You have the power to make me whole again.
  • My precious King, I give you this pain, this hurt, sorrow and weakness in exchange for Your comfort.
  • Abba Father, we hail Thee. We pray for your protection and your healing power to be made manifest in the life of every member of my family today, IJN. Amen.
  • Just as the deer panteth for waters, so my soul and body needs You. You are the all-knowing God, and You see things that no one else is able to fully see or understand. We submit our body’s as well as the burdens of our hearts unto you, trusting that You’ll lighten our burdens and heal our bodies. All these we pray Thee, Amen.
  • Dear Lord, I know it’s not Your will that anyone should suffer through any kind of pain or affliction. Your thought for us has always been Good and not of evil. Therefore, we call upon You to rescue us from all this afflictions, pains, illness, and burdens of our heart. We call upon You, trusting that you can do all this through Christ Jesus.
  • Dear Lord Jesus, Awesome wonder has always been your name and there’s nothing impossible with you; even my brother’s sickness that seems to be impossible for the doctors. I hand him over to you because You’re the great physician. Thank You for healing him already.

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